Installation Procedure

Ensure all wall members, girts, etc are straight and plum and are close enough to grid and RL's on architectural drawings.

Note: Nylon packers can be used under Top Hats for minor adjustments.

Sisalation is required behind the smartfix Facade System. Sisalation must be lapped (150 mm) and sealed with foil tape.

Top Hats
Space Top Hats at 600 mm centres on wall girts using suitable (class 3) Hex head screws*
* Generally 600 mm or less. For more information see Design wind load tables.

smartfix Panel installation
Typical sections and plan views show layout of extrusions and panels for the smartfix facade system.

It is recommended that installation begin at the bottom run of the wall and work from bottom up.

Substrate Set Out

Product Handling

All components of the smartfix Facade System to be stored in area allocated by the Project manager.

All materials shall be stored above ground, laid flat and covered at all times. Avoid excessive stacking and dragging.

An optional protective plastic on the face of the panels is available. Please consult a smartfix Industries representative for this option

Tools & Accessories

Router bits are available for hand held electric routers for on site routing where panels need to be specifically cut. Custom-made smartfix Router bits have been developed for use with all recommended panels.

Note: Please consult with a smartfix representative prior to any on site routing. smartfix Extrusions are not to be used on panels other than what is recommended and supplied by smartfix Industries.

smartfix® Installation Video

Please contact us to view our installation video.

smartfix® Video
Please contact us to view our installation video.