Smartfix® is supplied in Natural Anodised as standard.

Anodising is an electro-chemical process used to create a protective film. A wide range of colours and shades can be obtained on the surface of aluminium profiles through the process of electrocolouring. The coating grows from the base aluminium metal by this electro-chemical process. The coating is integral to the metal and can not peel or flake. The structure of the coating is made up of many small hexagonal pores, which are filled with a “seal” that hydrolyses these pores to fill them with inert aluminium oxide. The anodised profile has excellent weatherability and is abrasion resistant. Anodising gives aluminium a deeper, richer metallic appearance.

Powder Coating

There are unlimited colours available to provide a wide leeway for the designers. It has stable properties and strong coating film adhesion. It cannot easily peel off. It is acid, salt and slurry corrosion resistant and has outstanding durability and weatherability. The powder coating film is not volatile or oxidised in the air. It is environmentally friendly and causes no pollution.

Untreated Profiles (Mill Finish)

Aluminium profiles without surface treatment. Extrusions of various industrial and architectural aluminium profiles are available